Sunday, 20 September 2009

Film Openings.

The three film openings I watched were: Blade; Catch Me If You Can, and; Sorority Row.
The opening scene for Blade was set in a club, full of vampires, at a 'blood bath'. Six characters are established.
The opening/ title scene for Catch Me If You Can is really clever. It really shows what the film is going to be about.
I have chosen to write about 'Sorority Row'.

My first impression of the setting was eery, because of the falling leaves and quiet location. You hear a girl scream, but you soon realise that it's not a terrified scream, but a playful one, as she claims her top has been stolen.
The mood completely changes as the camera enters the house- it is a college or university party. The camera is used as a 'Point of view' shot. It seems as we are walking through the house.
The party seems chaotic and messy, but everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.
Five characters are established. Ellie - red head with glasses. She is called upstairs by another girl for a "sorority meeting".

We then see another girl (Cassidy) making her way to the room; going through all the typical sorority house party stereotypes, eg fights, drunkenness, and sexually situations. She is then greeted by another sorority sister (Jessica).
We soon find out that the "sister's" don't actually have much in common, but are friends because they belong in the same sorority.

We find out a bit more about the characters. Claire looks really girly and is referred to as the "multi-cultural" character; "Chugs" looks sporty and I think that the name is a nickname for drinking a lot. Chugs also "doesn't give a damn about what anybody thinks" so she is probably reckless. Ellie seems quite geeky and is referred to as "a spell checker with a nice rack". Cassidy looks normal and "real". Jessica is the leader; she seems really rude and bitchy. However these are the five main characters and they have all been established within the first two minutes.

I found the line "Theta Pi we honour thee; from; life to death sorority" interesting because the genre of this film is horror/thriller, therefore the mention of life and death is a key element.

The reactions to drinking the shots also defines the characters, for example Ellie reacts as the drink is disgusting, while Chugs can easily drink it, with no horrible after taste etc.

Another character is established - Megan. The audience soon finds out that they are pulling a practical joke on Megan's Ex-boyfriend.
The line "You cheat on one Theta, you cheat on every Theta" is one of the most interesting and important lines, as it gives the audience a motive for the girls pulling the practical joke. Therefore it also is a perfect mood to leave the opening scene in, because it shows the girls wanting revenge, and sets the mood for the rest of the film.&
Overall I liked this film opening because it was very realistic. It introduced the main characters, the location and a large amount of the plot. Unfortunately I watched Sorority Row later, and this clip is not the full version of the opening. The actual opening has titles and shows a lot more about the characters and sorority life. The titles were plain, white font and were clear on the dark background. Chugs is introduced more, as a strong drinker, with a lot of bite. Cassidy is also seen doing a dance routine with some other Theta sisters.

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