Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Our Own Personal Pies.

When Nick first told us about this idea, we all thought "why can't we just tell people about ourselves instead of making pie charts?" But in the end, they turned out very individual. 
To create the pie charts, I used a software called "keynote". I have never used this software before, but it was really simple, yet effective. 
First I opened the style of slides I wanted, which was 'Pinstripe'. The I clicked on 'Charts'. I entered my data, and the percentages etc. I chose to do % of life being musical, and % of life living in places. 
After the basics were on my pie chart, I decided to decorate the pies. The musical one has a "retro" pattern, with the clashing colours. The other pie had my favourite colours on it, because where I have lived represents a huge part of my life, personality, and individuality. 

When Nick told us that one of our topics was about our identity, I was proper excited. 
I've already learnt so much about my classmates, that I didn't know before, from our 'Personal Pies'. I can't wait to find out more about our topic.

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