Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Juno Film Opening.

The task was to recreate the film opening to the film Juno
Here is the real film opening.

When Nick first showed the class the clip from Juno, I was excited because it looked really fun to recreate. After watching the clip, Nick split us into five groups. I was in a group with Tom, Angelica and Louis. We then split into another two groups. Tom and Louis started to work on the storyboard, while Angelica and I started noting down all the frames. There was about 30-40 frames. We also timed all the frames, and compared them with the boys. Also we noted down the camera shots, and where the actress was on the camera, for example Close Up/ Left. 
Planning was fairly difficult because the shots had to be exact, and if they didn't match up, then the video wouldn't be as effective compared to the real one. 

We also gave roles to members on the group. I was Juno; Angelica and Tom were on camera, and; Louis was the director and made sure the camera shots were exact. 

The props needed were red hoodie, converse, juice carton and also the guitar/ television/ box. 

Unfortunately Louis missed the day of filming because he was ill. 

After filming, we started to edit the footage, on Final Cut. Angelica, Tom and myself all edited on one Mac on Friday, but on Tuesday, Angelica and Louis started to edit on there own, while Tom and I finished editing. We soon realised we had missed a shot out. We were quite stuck with what to do, so we went outside to re-film the shot on my mobile, but the connection failed, so we made the decision to leave it out.  
We used the blade tool to crop the horrible/funny outtakes and also to get the right camera shots. We used fade and other video transitions to move the piece along, and try to mimic the original. The main transition we used was 'Wipe'. 
We downloaded a Juno styled font (Green Piloww) to create the titles. However we didn't manage to finish all the titles because of time. The font worked really well; I just wish we had a chance to finish it. 
The other effect we used was 'Flop' which opposites the image, for example images on the left of the frame will appear on the right.

I am really pleased with the outcome. I think we worked really well as a team; we had lots of fun which was really nice to have and made the group more confident. I like the way the film was shot, and definitely the final outcome. 

However, it was really difficult to get all the shots, because Louis had the storyboard and wasn't in on the day, therefore we had to rely on my shot list, so not all shots were exact. 
In the future, I will produce a storyboard as well, because then we always have a back up. 

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