Monday, 9 November 2009

3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Tilly: I found a photo I liked on photobucket, and it really caught by eye, so i decided to base my production logo on this. I chose to call it 'Colour Flash' because it fits with the image, and 'Flash' also refers to films etc.

Yasmin: I saw a picture on the internet that had the whole collaborated background with an envelope over the top; so i decided to create my own collaborate background but put a polaroid over the top. 'Sour Hearts' was a pun of sweetheart and it also sounds quite edgy and rememberable.

T: A production company creates ideas and motion pictures, tv programmes, and adverts etc - they may also find funding for the products they produce. Paramount have produced Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging & Mean girls.

Y: A distributor is someone reliable who would get the film out there and support it fully. Paramount Pictures would be the most reliable - they've been going for years and have already got films being produced for 2013.

T: The money could come from the National Lottery - Uk Film Council. They have funded St Trinian's and Kidulthood who have influenced us hugely.

Y: The production companies are written outside of the book. The three main actors are written on banners, name tags and masking tape. The rest of the main cast is on a 'Class 09' page. Costume design to Original Music is also written on tape to keep to scrapbook theme. Producer and Director written outside of the book. It all keeps to a scrapbook theme.

T: Our film influences are St Trinian's; Clueless; Angus, thongs & Perfect Snogging; Mean Girls; Skins; House bunny; and, Kidulthood.

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