Friday, 13 November 2009


The BBFC's Guidelines state that strong language like f*** etc, has to be uncommon at '12' or '12A' - puns on strong language is allowed. Moderate language like 'bitch' and 'twat' are allowed.

In our film the moderate language will probably be used, to refer to the other characters, or the groups will use them jokingly with each other.

For example - That tanorexic is such a bitch.

At '12' and '12A' moderate violence is allowed but it cannot be too detailed. They should be no gory moments.

There could be a fight between the chavs and emos.

Dangerous behaviour (for example hanging, suicide and self-harming) may be present in ‘12’ or ‘12A’ works but will not dwell on detail which could be copied or present those activities as pain or harm free. Weapons should not be glamorised in ‘12A’ and ‘12’ works. Discriminatory behaviour should not be endorsed by the film as a whole.

There may be infrequent sight of drugs misuse in a ‘12’ or a ‘12A’ but the portrayal should not be glamorised or provide instructional details.

Because of the social groups there may be self-harm/suicidal behavior present because bullying and stereotypical opinions will be used through out the film.

Chavs may carry knuckledusters but wouldn't put them to use.

There is a mention to drugs in the 'Scene kids' scenes but there will only be mentions not actual scenes.

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