Friday, 6 November 2009

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

The Coleridge computer's had a lot more programmes than we've used before.
Video Camera was pretty simple to use, especially with the tripod.

Final cut was the main programme we used. We learnt how to fade in/out; transitions; how to build up our editing skills; adding sound; importing clips from the video camera; and also arranging clips etc.

1- Photoshop
We made credits; the map and the stereotype profiles from this.
2- Google
We found images and sites from this.
3- itunes
We imported music via this.
4- facebook photos
We uploaded photos to this so we could access them from anywhere.
5- Facebook
We contacted each other via this.
6- Flickr
We uploaded our work/ timelines etc from this.
7- Vimeo
Our final/rough cuts, animatics and idents were uploaded to this.
8- Soundcloud
We uploaded our music to this - with garage band
9- Blogger
Where all our work/ planning is.
10- Garage band (we forgot to put the image on)
To help edit the soundtrack and for a tutorial as well.

We used this website (SBBFC.COM) to work at the guideline/rating for our film.

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