Friday, 2 October 2009

Research - St. Trinian's Makeover

St Trinian's was one of our main inspirations because of the divide between the girls at the school.
Our film is set in a college, therefore the divide is still present. 
During the makeover scene, (screen shots to left), each stereotype takes it in turns to fit, the new girl Annabelle Fritton, to give her a makeover. 
Odds are the year 7s. They're really crazy and messy. 
We used the font 'Black Casper' for the Odds because the writing is all different. It fits their stereotype well. 

Posh Totty are posh, stuck up and clueless. The dress more subtle than slaggish, but they do reveal a lot. The font we used was 'Julie' which is an inspired from a girly journal style of font. 

The chavs are rude and confrontational. The dress with lots of accessories and makeup. They have a lot of attitude. The font is "Urbana" - it resembles spray paint.

The nerds look like something from Hogwarts. They are properly covered up with long skirts. The font was "My First F" - it's really neat and suits the stereotype. 

The emo's are depressed, and also cake on the makeup, but not like the chavs. They wear tons of eyeliner and black clothes. The font is distressed, it looks as though they have drawn it themselves. 

The final result is Normal. She has inspiration from all groups, but overall she is unique; she also takes after head-girl Kelly. The font we used was "Burst My Bubble".

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