Saturday, 3 October 2009

My Short Film Pitches.

A mainstream action film that will appeal to 15-25 year old males.

When experimen 98210, Jake Fisher, escaped from the lab, little did he know what they had done to him. Watch as a man has to fight his way back to the top, with his new electrical powers, to try and change the justice of the other experiments.

A supernatural thriller that will appeal to female audiences.

A widow, Jane Meadows, and her two children, agree to house sit for their sick mother-in-law while she is taken to a hospital, to start treatment out of town. Going through old boxes in the attic, she realises that her mother in law had a lot more children, who also "suspiciously" died. A night of paranormal antics leaves Jane asking were the deaths accidental?

An independent movie featuring a young protagonist.

Pregnant in the 1980's growing up in the world of Skinheads, and racial warfare. How will 15 year old pregnant, Sally, be able to cope with her dad in the Falklands, depressed mother, and the father of her baby, being taken into the skinhead ways.

An animated feature that will appeal to adult audiences.

A manic depressive, OCD man looks for counseling but ends up in the loud and live world of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. With his unhealthy lifestyle killing his brain, and ends up spiraling out of control, pushing him to overdose.

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