Thursday, 1 October 2009

My Video Production Logo

This is my production logo. I got my main inspiration from an Alice in Wonderland, Queen of Hearts, image. 
I chose the different stripes because i liked the clashing style, and to represent the variety the production company can offer. 
I used a polaroid collaboration, displaying the production company name - "Sour Hearts"; in the font "Truffle-Shuffle", because I liked the edginess of the text, and it is memorable. 
The word "production", is in a typewriter font. I don't know why I chose it but I think it's quite effective. 
The kiss mark was the final touch. I used the kiss mark, because it relates to the title. It also adds a feminine feel to the overall logo. 
I chose the production name from the common phrase "sweethearts". I thought "sweethearts production" sounded too corny, and girly; so i added a twist to add a lot of effectiveness and edginess. 

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