Thursday, 15 October 2009

The First Pictures:

This is Yasmin (Myself). I am playing the main "Geek" in the film opening. 
I am wearing a polo shirt; high waisted skirt; grey cardigan; braces; tights; black plimpsoles.
Hair and Makeup: Straight hair, fringe clipped back; nude makeup - with blusher; geek glasses.

This is Tilly (who is also producing our film opening). She is playing the "Preppy" girl.
She is wearing a blue jumper; with white skinnies; and white plimpsoles.
Hair and Makeup: straight hair with fringe clipped back; nude complexion and makeup.

This is Hannah. She is playing her alter-ego - the main "Emo" girl. 
She is wearing black vest; black tutu; tights; high knee black socks/purple stars; plimpsoles.
Hair and Makeup: Long black/brown hair; red lips; buckets of black eyeliner.

I am also playing the main "Scene Kid". 
I am wearing skinny jeans; I Heart NY shirt; Hello Kitty Hoodie; and black plimpsoles.
Hair and Makeup: bright pink eyeshadow round the eyes; purple eyeliner; hair tied up, backcombed a little bit.

Tilly is also playing the main "Over the top Topshop Girl".
She is wearing a gorgeous dress, with red heels - a bit too dressy for college (hence the OTT part). 
Hair and Makeup: straight blonde hair, with pale complexion, eyeliner and red lips.

This is Emma who is playing the main 'Tanorexic" in our opening film.
She is wearing pink hot pants; pink vest top; pink 'drama queen' top; high knee socks; and uggs.
Hair and Makeup: straight, blonde hair with orange face, loads of eyeliner and pink lips.

This is Hannah, who is playing the main 'Chav' of our opening. 
She is wearing tracksuit bottoms; black vest top; and plimpsoles. 
The hair and make up: side pony tail with lots of foundation and bronzer, but with concealer on the lips, making her lips lighter than her complexion. 

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