Sunday, 11 October 2009

Creating Opening Sequence Storyboards.

This is our timeline. Overall we had enough shots to last for two minutes. Most of the shots are of the different stereotypes in the journal/diary. Below is us working on the post-it notes.

Above is the first six frames of our opening sequence. It starts with the diary opening, then flicking through the pages, full of old photos; then the main title is displayed in the journal; then the map is displayed and it homes in on the "CHAV" section, turning into the "CHAV" page. 
The next six shots are of live footage; tanorexic journal page; live footage; scene journal page; live footage; then the emo page. 
Next is live footage with the "emos"; then the geek page; live footage; the over the top Topshop girls; live footage and then the Jocks page. 
These are the last three "main" shots of the opening: live footage; diary shut; the end image of all the groups.

This is Tilly & I working on our storyboard and timeline.

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