Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Our Pitch - Independent category

We decided to use elements from both of our films to create our pitch.

This is a story produced though the eyes of a normal girl and her journal, about her life at college.
Her journal describes the different social groups she faces at college. including: chavs; tanorexics; preps/jocks; over the top topshop girls; geeks; scene kids; emos, and; the normals (her group).
The story is mostly voice over, but there is also a lot of dialogue between the different clashing groups.

The journal is a key element in the opening. There'll be pictures of the different groups and writing about them as the girl flicks through the journal. Close ups of the journal and character pictures, turn into real life footage of the people, at college.

The opening closes with a group shot of the leader of each group, doing a signature stereotype gesture. For example:
Chav - swearing
Geek - adjusting glasses
tanorexics - looking in mirror
emo - hair flick
scene - over the top pose
prep/jock - holding cricket bat/ rugby ball etc
Topshop girl - adjusting skirt/ dress
Normal - Girl with journal (middle)

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