Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Title Sequence - grid

Grid 1 - The journal - a Sour Hearts Productions presents.
Grid 2 - Canteen/lunch area - a Colour Flash Production film.
Grid 3 - chav group - Costume by Marilyn Williams
Grid 4 - Emo group - Production design by Sarah Johnson
Grid 5 - Tanorexic - Casting by Debra Bailey
Grid 6 - Scene group - Cinematography by Rose Smart
Grid 7 - Jocks/preps - Original Music by Hans Zimmer
Grid 8 - Geeks - Produced by Yasmin Murr
Grid 9 - Main leader from every group - Main Title

This task was really fun. I had to find random images from the internet, flickr and my previous moodboard and patch them together to make the opening of my film.
This is not the entire opening but nine different clips, that will be connected together by a series of other clips.

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