Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Pitch.

This is the story of a teenage girl who had to be moved away from everything she's every loved because her dad got offered a new job. The only memories she has is through her scrapbook/ journal. Starting a new college she has no friends. She looks around and thinks could she fit in with ANY of these groups.
Taking a close look at all the groups she puts their profiles in to her scrapbook.
She makes a map of the lunch/group seating plans and goes through each stereotype making comments about each group.

Through out the film she gets into each stereotype but one by one she leaves because it doesn't feel right.

She is always adding bits to her journal about what the groups say about each other behind their backs.

She ends up with the prep/ jocks.

Everything starts to get back to normal. but then they preps find her journal and all the mean things she's said about the other groups - they find it funny, until they see they're pages and find out all the comments she's made and what the other groups have said in the journal.

Que the main girl as an outcast and starting all over again. She becomes upset and stays home all the time.
She is eventually excepted by a close friend on the performing art team and she becomes a member of their group.

All the groups live in harmony again once the main girl send letters to all the groups at the end of the two years.

Film Opening - Girl flipping through the journal, looking at old photos/memories. There is a voice over explain what the girl is looking at. She homes in on the map and talks through the different social groups. There is a Chav profile and then it turns into live footage of the chavs. This happens to all of the other groups too.

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